The Cloisters

INWOOD. Home to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s medieval collection, this North Manhattan museum resembles an Old World monastery. Four reconstructed cloisters make up the complex, and each contains sculptures, fountains, and artwork donated by the Rockefeller families and others. A tour highlight includes the Saint-Michel-de-Cuxa Cloister, containing half of the original’s Romanesque capitals and its beautiful rose marble fountain. The Trie-en-Bigorre Cloister, known as the Unicorn Tapestries Hall, is noteworthy for its exquisite 15th- and 16th-century tapestries.

TRAIN: A to Dyckman St


99 Margaret Corbin Dr, Fort Tryon Park, New York, NY 10040-7503


Mar-Oct Tue-Sun 9:30am-5:15pm
Nov-Feb Tue-Sun 9:30am-4:45pm

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