Staten Island Ferry

The best boat ride in the world! Leaving Manhattan, you gaze at the most enduring symbol of the city, the Statue of Liberty, ahead on the right, with the sleek Verrazano-Narrows Bridge dominating the left. Then you realize that skyscrapers are assuming postcard dimensions of grandeur behind you. It is New York, even America, at its best, a truly thrilling experience! The magnificence of the Brooklyn Bridge soon completes the view behind you on the right. And it’s free! Once at the terminal on the Staten Island side, just grab a departing boat and enjoy the dramatic view in reverse. Hint: avoid the newer, faster craft with no outside deck. The Ferry Terminal on Peter Minuit Plaza is at the end of South and State Streets. No vehicles are allowed on the ferry until further notice.

TRAIN: 1 or 9 to South Ferry; N or R to Whitehall St/South Ferry


Whitehall St, New York, NY 10004


Operates Daily 24-hours. Departs every 20-30 minutes

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