Café Carlyle

UPPER EAST SIDE. The Carlyle Hotel’s signature lounge, the Café, certainly looks the part ­ in fact, set designers should take note if they need to re-create a classic big-city cabaret. Comfortable and romantic, the space features stunning music-themed murals painted by French artist Marcel Vertes, who won an Oscar for his work on 1952’s Moulin Rouge. Departed bandleader Bobby Short left a strong musical legacy at the Carlyle, and the baton has been passed to the talented New Orleans jazz band, led by Eddy Davis. Looking for further pedigree? German songstress Ute Lemper is a frequent headliner.

TRAIN: 6 to 77th St


35 E 76th St, Carlyle Hotel, New York, NY 10021


Mon-Sat 6:30pm-10pm

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